A Little Too Close to Home

If this is a joke, it isn’t funny. A terrifying note was discovered at Blaine High School, located in Blaine, Washington, a town 12 miles to the west of where I live.

Police in this northwest Washington town on the Canadian border are investigating the discovery of a so-called “hit list” at Blaine High School.

The note, found Wednesday in a school hallway and turned in to administrators on Thursday, warned that several students would die on Friday.

The list contained the names of 12 students and the school principal. It had “hit list” written across the top and the words: “You will die on 10/21.”

There was also a drawing of a stick figure with a gun.

Capital crime is very rare in this part of Washington State. Murders occur once in a decade. While it is likely that this is nothing more than a practical joke put on by a student, one can’t help but think of Columbine and the tragedy there. If this is a legitimate threat, hopefully the early discovery has already foiled the plot.

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