A Great Drummer, Gone

I’ve played the drums since I was in 3rd grade, and over the years, a handful of drummers molded and shaped my style and technique. Guys like Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Michael Derosier, John Bonham, and Bruce Gary helped me figure out that drummers don’t just bang loud. It’s all about the rhythm. These guys influenced my playing in so many ways.

Buddy and John died years ago, and on Tuesday, Bruce joined them in drummer heaven.

Bruce Gary was a great drummer, and extremely versatile. Lots of people know him as the beat behind “My Sharona”, that huge hit from The Knack. Yet, few people knew that Bruce played with a ton of people through the years. That’s the true sign of a good drum player. Heck, if you can play with Robby Krieger of the Doors, Jack Bruce of Cream, Bob Dylan, Albert Collins, and Dr. John, you’ve got to be talented.

Bruce was all that and more. A drummers drummer.

Rest in Peace.

More, at theknack.com.

Oh, and a pretty good trumpet player died today too.

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