A Disgrace to U.S. Soldiers, Past, Present and Future


Army lieutenant (and I use that term loosely) Ehren Watada.

No one forced you to sign up for the military sir. When you held your right hand up and pledged to “protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”, what did you think that meant?



  1. I think he thought it meant “protect the Constitution of the United States from all [actual] enemies…”

  2. Coward?
    So Bill, are you blogging to us straight from the Green Zone or your comfy couch?
    Just curious.

  3. “protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”

    i think he meant he’d protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. he’s refused to fight against a foreign non-enemy, and in doing so, is fighting a real domestic enemy of the Constitution.

    what a silly, arrogant parody of american machismo you are.


  4. copyboy11 says:

    No one forced him to sign up for the military. But they did force him into an illegal, unethical, unnecessary lie of a war.

  5. Way to support the troops, asshole.

  6. I applaud his courage and his actions. We need more heroes like him to stand up and fight four our rights here at home, which are being stolen from us piece by piece by this immoral and unethical administartion.

  7. Going to Iraq and killing innocent Iraqis, destroying the infrastructure…has NOT one thing to do with preserving and protecting the Constitution. It might be good if you would read the document.

  8. Grab your rifle and get over there. Show us the heroism!

  9. Spanky T Righteous says:

    Ah, a chickenhawk grumbling about someone standing up for what he believes is right. In particular a “war” built upon lies and deceit…

    Like the others said, why not get off your sorry ass and go over yourself?


  10. D. Mac. says:

    Bill is PunditGuy, a conservative living in the Pacific Northwest.

    Bill —
    You and the First Numbskull wanted this filthy, useless war, then go enlist and fight it like a man. Who the fuck are you to call someone else in uniform a “coward.” You’re a pussy.

    – Don

  11. The dude wasn’t drafted. He joined. And if he objects to going to war, he should accept a dishonorable discharge and fight whatever other penalties come along with that. It’s too bad that a bunch of neo con American hegemonist oil soaked pigs like Bush and Cheney are in charge now, but that’s the way it goes.

    Bill and his neocon friends, on the other hand, are members of the elite 101st Fighting Keyboardist Battalion.

    The deadliest weapon in the world is a Fighting Keyboardist and his keyboard. It is your killer instinct which must be harnessed if you expect to survive in combat. Your keyboard is only a tool. It is a hard heart that kills. If your killer instincts are not clean and strong you will hesitate at the moment of truth. You will not kill. You will become dead Fighting Keyboardists. And then you will be in a world of shit because Fighting Keyboardists are not allowed to die without permission! Do you maggots understand?

    Tonight, you men will sleep with your keyboards. You will give your keyboard a girl’s name because this is the only pussy you people are going to get. Your days of finger-banging ol’ Mary Jane Rottencrotch through her perty pink panties are over! You’re married to this piece, this weapon of plastic and paint. And you will be faithful.

    And you will keep the damn Cheeto dust out of it! Do you morons hear me!?!

  12. Lt. Watada sacrifices his life’s career to fight for democracy and truth for America, incurring the slander and invective of (a minority) of citizens. His service and actions prove that he is a courageous American. He is stadning up to the callous, reckless incompetance of this Administration. Nuremburg found military officers guilty for obeying orders that were contrary to human decency. Lt. Watada is a hero.

  13. Lt. Watada is a hero and you, you ass bite, are the coward. Why aren’t you over there if you think the Constitution needs protecting in Iraq? The irony is, it is here where the Constitution really needs protecting, and it is from ass bites like you that it needs protecting.

  14. “protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”

    That is it exactly!

    The enemies of the constitution are not foreign, but rather domestic. Lt. Watada is a hero because he is the only member of the officer corps that is trying to protect us from the illegal and unconstitutional actions of this administration.

  15. He’s not a coward. He’s making what must be an incredibly difficult choice to stand up for what he believes in. He does so in defiance of the entire American military and arrogant assholes who sit on their asses and take potshots at him from their blogs.

    He is, however, acting inappropriately. He should resign his commission instead of grandstanding. That would have been more honorable.

  16. moonbat-valanche!

  17. “protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”

    Tha’s right ass-face, what do you think Domestic means you retarded bitch.

    It means protecting it from the likes of you and the monkey faced cunt president you elected.

    So go Fuck yourself, before you call anyone a coward,

  18. Dread Pirate Robert says:

    So the President and the Republican Party can work to subvert and destroy the Constitution but you choose to “support the troops” in this manner?

  19. lillyhammer says:

    He tried to resign his commission and it was rejected. Now he is willing to take the heat to defend the constitution. Wow, it can’t get much simpler. Lt. Watada = hero. He actually has alot to lose for standing up for his convictions. What do you have to lose?

  20. 3reddogs says:

    Your decider-in-chief and president took an oath to uphold the Constitution but he’s been quoted as saying the Constitution is “nothing but a Goddamned piece of paper”, and that’s exactly the way he’s treated it. To anyone with half a brain it should be pretty obvious that Lt. Watada has done a helluva lot more to uphold the Constitution than George Bush has. And do I have to remind you that Lt. Watada put on a uniform and went to war and your president had strings pulled to avoid Viet Nam and then he couldn’t even manage to fulfill his National Guard duty? If you chickenhawks still think this war is worth fighting why don’t you get your own sorry asses over there and do a tour of duty or two? Until you’ve done that why don’t you just shut the hell up … the only people who are going to pat you on the back for your retarded comments are people who are as stupid as you apparently are!

  21. From the looks of the comments here, I don’t think Bill’s original “smear the troops” point made it very far. I don’t blame him for being too cowardly to come back and defend what he wrote. But oh, don’t forget, “Lt. Watada is the coward,” that’s what the talking point memo says anyhow.

  22. PunditGuy, I thought we were supposed to be “liberating” the Iraqis. When did they become our enemy? And who “liberates and brings freedom” to their enemies? Sadam was the supposed enemy and we’ve captured him (unlike the real enemy, Osama). Bush keeps telling us the war is to give the Iraqis freedom. Now you’re calling them our enemies. I wish you people would make up your minds!

    Not only is Watada a hero, defending the constitution, he’s also effing hot!

  23. Dogged Elephant says:

    The point is that his job is to do what he is ordered to do. There is nothing illegal about what he is being ordered to do, despite what the moonbats think. If he wants to be in the position of deciding whether he wants to fight in a particular war or not, then he is in the wrong line of work. Maybe he’s being courageous sticking up for his beliefs… maybe he’s being a coward. Only he knows. But he’s not in position to choose. That’s what comes with being an officer in the military. He needs to start acting like one, or pay the consequences. In no way should he be allowed to do what he wants. He must do as he is directed.

  24. If Bill was cowardly, he’d delete or never allow a lib lurker hit squad to post comment after comment with obscene language. It’s comment strings like this make me laugh everytime I hear moonbats call republicans the “party of hate.”

    Besides, Bill’s in another country the U.S liberated right now and in an opposite time zone. Move along to your next con-blog, little foul-mouthed middle school hit squad…

  25. Ehren Watada is an American hero. Disagree with him if you want, but in calling him a coward, considering what he is sacrificing, you appear very foolish and shrill.

  26. Hero? Try the Iraqis that risked their lives tipping off Zarqawi’s position. Or maybe the Special Forces that confirmed it. Hero seems to fit the bill for the F-16 pilot that dropped the two 500 pound bombs on his head. A hero would be the ordinance specialist that loaded the plane before the mission.

    Praise be, one of Cindy Sheehan’s “freedom fighters” (read: brutal leaders of sectarian viloence and hostage beheaders) is dead! Of course, no thanks to the disobeying army-of-one, self appointed military oversight committee and constitutional scholar, Lt. Yellow Grandstander.

  27. Sorry if I used a “dirty word,” Uncle. I learned the “F-word” from Dick Cheney (as in what he told Sen. Leahy to go do to himself) and the “ass–le” from Mr. Bush and Puppeteer Cheney (as in their reference to the NYTimes’ Adam CLymer.) And if you want to klearn some really interesting uses of old Anglo-Saxon words, go to the Library of Congress’ site and look at the transcripts of Richard Nixon’s tapes.

    Sorry if the argument became a little too impassioned for your delicate sensibilities, poor wittle thing. Better go back to reading your Tim LaHaye books and avoid these pottymouth blogs altogether.

    And what’s with “moonbat”? Is that supposed to be some brand of insult?

    Reading here is like having a battle of wits with unarmed men.

  28. I guess “impassioned” means you can profanity as long as it’s heart felt! And for the record, I think anyone who uses profanity (republicans included) make lazy and inelegant use of their gray matter.

    As for my sensibilities, how is me laughing everytime I hear demos pronounce the republicans the “party of hate” delicate? Laughter=delicate? That rivals the equation Dean+DNC_chair=victory! I guess being impassioned allows you to ignore syntax and logic as well.

    And by the way, this blog wasn’t pottymouthed until the situational-ethics, faith-debased crowd you hang with showed up.

    And how is “reading here” having a battle of wits, don’t you mean commenting or communicating? I guess you’re not only impassioned, but also extremely humble as well. How do you respond to being called a potty mouth? By calling me stupid. Seems you wit has retarded from going since middle school…

  29. Bravo to the brave lieutenant, who had the courage to stand up for what is right, knowing he’d be insulted by pinheads like you.

  30. Gitland says:

    Pundit Guy needs to get more sun.

    I love profanity. Ever listen to George Carlin… what beauty. Lazy has nothing to do with the richness that is our English Language. Like it or not, Fuck is part of the language.

    Logic, when did logic have anything to do with politcal discourse.

  31. Jimmy Havok says:

    If there had been a hundred thousand other troops with Watada’s courage, we wouldn’t be in this mess in Iraq.

  32. Dogged Elephant says:

    “If there had been a hundred thousand other troops with Watada’s courage, we wouldn’t be in this mess in Iraq.”

    True. We’d be living in some backwater hole, blowing each other up with car bombs.

  33. When you join the Army, I don’t care if it’s in times of peace or war, you’ve got to expect this type of stuff to happen. When you join the army during a war, YOU SURE AS DAMN WELL BETTER KNOW THAT YOU’RE GOING OUT THERE. We’re a voluntary army and being that he was already a college graduate before he joined in 03′(which is also after operations in Iraq began). I mean honestly, what’d he expect would happen?

    I think it’s all a setup so his name is out there so when he tries to run for an office he can say. “I’m Ehren Watada, you might remember me as the guy who was morally against the war in Iraq. Vote for me.” Ohhh, and if he goes to jail, it’s more fuel for him, because than he’s a political prisoner.

    But you know what, arguing with anyone online is pointless, so go ahead people believe what you want.

  34. Ron A. Zajac says:

    Bert said:

    I think it’s all a setup so his name is out there so when he tries to run for an office he can say. “I’m Ehren Watada, you might remember me as the guy who was morally against the war in Iraq. Vote for me.” Ohhh, and if he goes to jail, it’s more fuel for him, because than [sic] he’s a political prisoner.


    Ah! Such a vision! A future America where insubordination to immoral military orders actually carries bankable political capital!

    Bert, you crazy dreamer, you!

    But I’m with you, all the way…let’s dream this dream together, you and I!

  35. Too bad this kid didn’t visit the U.S.S. Arizona memorial when he was growing up in Hawaii, he could’ve stood over the watery grave of real heroes that didn’t think a single bar lieutenant commission allowed them to interpret international and constitutional law before obeying orders.

    And I thought Hawaii Pacific University was a party school!

  36. Cavalry SFC says:

    LT. Watada, Sir,
    I doubt very much I can express in words my personal disappointment with your actions and the using of your Army credentials that brings such dishonor to the United States Army. On a web blog, set up by anxious war opponents (.www.thankyouLT.org ). It is stated that you enlisted in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Three. Being a college-educated man, I doubt that you could have been unaware of our military presence in Iraq and that the consequence of your enlistment would most likely include one or more tours there.

    I would have much less diminished respect for you, if you had at the very least, waited until the end of your contractual date before exposing your reversal of commitment to duty.

    I beg you to avoid bringing dishonor upon our armed forces with the actions that are presently “all over the news”. You volunteered remember?

    Complete your obligation, before dishonoring those that are honoring their commitment. That is my advice as a NCO.

    Please reconsider the entire spectrum of your actions both personally and to all the remaining volunteers of our Armed Forces!

    With all due respect to your rank Sir,

    SFC U.S. Cavalry

  37. I am a Captain in the Air Force, a pilot, and have flown over 70 combat missions in both OEF and OIF. Lt Watada is a disgrace to the uniform. Hippies may protest the War…someone sworn to protect the constitution and this country does not! Disobeying an order, failure to go, conduct unbecoming of an officer, I’m sure they’ll tag on a few more. Conflict of morals…what garbage! Was he one of those that thought he could get away with wearing the uniform and have people look up to him as an officer in the US Army and skate his whole career without seeing combat? That my friends IS a coward. I think Lt Watsada will have a few years in jail to think about how “noble” his cause really was. Sure he has all this support now, but HE is the one serving jail time, not all of you loose jawed America Haters.

    All of this chatter of whether “this is a legal war or an illegal war” is NON-SENSE! If you folks can’t come to grasp that this War happened and that we are fighting a REAL enemy than you can’t possibly know what it takes to protect this country. You think this freedom comes easy and with no price to pay. Drive your SUV around and pretend that the USA is safe without lifting a rifle and then when the next 9/11 happens go ahead and blame whoever is in charge for not protecting us. It’s the same old crap with the America Haters, we don’t want war, but why didn’t we protect the country from 3 airplanes?

    Being proactive in this world is the key to making it safe for us and others. Most of you America Haters probably don’t know what proactiveness is because you sit around and WAIT for the next big thing to happen and by the time it’s too late. What is up with all the America bashing by AMERICANS!! I have had it as a patriot of this country. I have been all over the world since 9/11 and everyone I meet loves us, thanks us for being there. The simpletons of America don’t know this mostly because they get taught their history about today’s world from movies made in Hollywood and their favorite TV shows and call themselves knowledgeable. These are the non-thinkers. Most of you America Haters don’t talk to folks like me that have been to Iraq and Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and know how the people really feel. I’ve been there face to face with them…you’ve seen clips and bits and pieces of random or old footage that has been edited and placed out of context to suit what ever point the other side is trying to make AND YOU BELIEVE IT because it was on TV.

    Lt Watsada is a pawn. He is not making this a big deal…everyone else that is trying to prove a point like Cindy Sheehan and her buddy Mike Moore are using him and his situation to their advantage for their own gain. And no surprise it’s working. And thanks to them and those like them his head is starting to swell thinking he’s got a boat load of support and making him feel like he did the right thing. Well I guarantee you that when he gets with the Area Defense Council he’s gonna snap back to reality. The only people that will stroke his ego are the people that are close to him. 10 years from now, when we’re fighting some other war and this one is a blur, because American’s sadly tend to have short memories, Lt Watsada’s name will be like Nixon’s…a stain, a bad taste in your mouth. You won’t remember all the details, but you’ll remember that his name is MUD.

  38. Watada cashed his check every two weeks for the last three years. I say, let him make restitution in the amount he has received since willingly joining the Army, or let him rot in military prison. He is being paid to do a job, lets not forget that. He also signed a contract stating that he would carry out all duties asked of him. If he goes to jail for deriliction of duty, failure to report, and AWOL, he deserves these things. No one made him join, and when the couintry calls upon him, he tries to back out. I say rot in hell you big pussy.

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