A Different Kind of Soldier

Apopo – rats who sniff and find explosives. Not just any rats though. These are African giant pouched rats. According to the Belgians, the rats are trained to detect and pinpoint the location of the landmine. Their lightweight makes it highly unlikely they would set of a mine by scratching or pointing. Yet, I can’t help but think a few have unknowingly become kamikazes.


  1. They Also Serve Who Stand and Eat Cheese

    The pride of the Belgium Army? Rats. Giant African pouched rats, to be mroe specific. Seriously. They’ve taught the sniffy little buggers to scent out explosvies in landmines. Awwww. Take away the carnivorous swarming and the filth and the virulent…

  2. The Spoons Experience says:


    Actually, I think they may technically be marsupials….

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