A Class Act

My alliance with Jarvis notwithstanding, tonight’s farewell
by Tom Brokaw was excellent. No schmaltzy crap, just a genuine
thoughtful goodbye. I hope Black Rock Dan watched and took notes.

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  1. Brokaw’s Farewell

    PunditGuy was impressed with Tom Brokaw’s final sign off, and he’s got the video of the segment in case you missed it….

  2. Farewell, Mr. Brokaw

    Tonight was Tom Brokaw’s last night as anchor of NBC Nightly News. Granted that I am not fond of the liberal leanings of the three major television networks, but …

  3. I thought it was quite good, too. Both subdued and honest. I agree — I hope Dan Rather was watching.

  4. Meeting and exceeding expectations remains about the hardest endeavour, ever in which mankind can engage.

    Miss expectation on Wall Street, and your company’s stock will more than likely receive a multi-million dollar hiccup. Miss your spouse’s expectations in marriage and you have in today’s world, a 55 – 60% chance of getting divorced. Miss expectations in the public school, and you get a lower grade (o.k., you still get an A). Miss your boss’ expectations and you lose out on some sort of promotion.

    Yet, Mr. Brokaw has demonstrated what class is. A journalist par excellence who met and exceeded expectations for his farewell speech.

  5. A Class Act Says Good-bye (Joe Gandelman)

    This weekend a major television anchor signed off for the last time — and he will be missed. Just watch — and listen — to NBC’s Tom Brokaw’s farewell words (watch it until the end)

  6. I thought he was a class act as well.

    I wish daily kos users would agree with me. check out what i have to say on tommy at my blog

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