91% Want Troops to Stay in Iraq

Rob of Say Anything takes apart the numbers of a CNN poll and concludes that although 60% of Americans oppose the war in Iraq, 91% support keeping the troops there. Strange? You bet.

It seems to me that opposing a war is an either/or proposition. What kind of a person opposes a war and then turns around and says that they support keeping our troops in harm’s way fighting a war they don’t approve of?

I think these muddled results are an indication of just how thoroughly mislead on Iraq many people are. I think most people support the concept of the mission in Iraq (as evidenced by the fact that 91% of the people responding to this poll want to keep troops there) yet because they are fed a daily diet of negativity and outright hostility toward the President and his foreign policies by the press many of them can’t help but feel that something must be wrong or going wrong with the war. Thus the 60% opposition to the war in general.

Rob’s right on the money with his perception of how Americans can both oppose the war yet desire to keep our troops in Iraq to win the mission.

What’s really frustrating with polls (in general) is like this one, few are provided with any serious data, like the sampling, the questions asked, etc. Not that the MSM cares much about the real data, so long as they can pull out a sensationalized headline.

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