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So much for Glenn’s suggestion.

I’ve been battling Amazon all day. One minute I have items in my cart, the next minute I have nothing. Then my cart has double the amount of items. Once I had the items correct and pushed the button to order, I get a page not found error. Now, I can’t check the status of my open orders, or non-existent orders.

I’m heading to Walmart.


  1. (the other) John Hawkins says:

    I remember a few years ago when we got hit by a big snow storm. It took three days to get the streets cleared (Seattle doesn’t get heavy snow all that often, so it’s a challenge). Anyway, I finally managed to get to a music store I wanted to buy something from and…

    it wasn’t there. The roof had caved in. The store was nothing but a shell.

    Bricks and Mortar have their outages too.

  2. Thank God, I thought I was going insane. This happened to me all day last Friday, and again on Monday. I was doing it from work (God Bless America land of the opportunists) and I tried everything…recreating my account, trying their non-secure server, clearing my internet cache, etc. I even (Hah!) tried emailing their robo-tech-support automaton. There’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back.

    It finally worked for me, but I COULDN’T TELL YOU HOW.


  3. Never did get info on an order that has shipped, but I could get in today and see that it did indeed ship.

    Things seem to be back in order today. They have their problems, but for orders, they usually get sorted out in a few days.

    I regularly review over there. Don’t get me started on some of their review glitch history. 🙂 At least it’s not a needful function like ordering is.

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