3G iPhone "in 60 days"

The rumor has been swirling about for some time now, but here yet another confirmation that a true 3G version of the iPhone will be winging it’s way to my doorstep soon.

Walt Mossberg, the legendary technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, made the prediction during an executive summit held by Beet.tv last week. For some reason, Mossberg’s comments were not noticed until over the weekend, perhaps because the title of the post referencing his talk was “FTC Should Stop Verizon from Calling DSL ‘Broadband,’ Walt Mossberg.”

Most of his talk is about how broadband networks in the U.S. are somewhat lacking compared to the rest of the world, and how that’s a big problem for video-over-the-Internet businesses. But at about 6:30 into the clip, he starts talking about wireless broadband, and the iPhone. Mossberg notes that the iPhone already offers a pretty good video experience with its iPod capabilities, and then dismisses concern over the lack of a 3G iPhone with this gem: “It will be 3G in 60 days.

Mossberg is in the select group that gets early access to important Apple products, he was one of the first to review the initial iPhone last June. So, he’s probably in a good position to know when his next iPhone review might be coming around.

Given that most iPhone users do everything BUT talk on their iPhone, faster data speeds are a must. A big question remains – at what cost? Most of us have already spent hundreds of dollars on this device. Are we ready to buck up again less than a year after the first buy?

In a word? Yes.

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