2nd Crash In Seven Weeks

Out of 110 on board, at least 103 are dead.

A Nigerian jetliner carrying 110 people crashed in stormy weather Saturday while landing in this delta oil port.

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Sam Adurogboye said early reports indicated that seven people survived the crash of the Sosoliso Airlines’ McDonnell Douglas DC-9, which left the capital, Abuja.

“They were breathing and were taken to the hospital. They are responding to treatment,” he said.

He did not say if the survivors were passengers or crew members.

The crash was Nigeria’s second airplane accident in seven weeks — raising questions about air safety in Africa’s most populous nation. In October, an Abuja-bound Boeing 737-200 crashed after taking off from the airport at Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest city, killing 117 people on board the Bellview Airlines flight.

At least 75 of those traveling were kids heading home for Christmas.

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