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No Wonder My Insurance Premiums Are So High

It’s all because of guys like this…




A Total of 10 Minutes

That’s about how much time I’m going to give to the Oscar’s tomorrow night. Yeah, I’ll probably watch the opening 5 minutes of Chris Rock, just because I think he’s got the guts to say and do things that Whoopi, Billy, Steve, Dave, and Johnny couldn’t or wouldn’t. Not that I’m interested in hearing Chris talk about “The Man” or “Whitey” or anything like that. I guess I’m buying into some of his hype from the past couple of weeks.

OK, so that’s 5 minutes. I’ll watch 1 minute each of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture and Best Director awards. That leaves 1 minute…


I’m going to watch a total of 9 minutes of the Oscar’s tomorrow night.

I did hear of a simulblog of the show…somewhere in Wisconsin.


So what.

Malkin and Colmes

No, Sean hasn’t gone solo, and he hasn’t been fired. Michelle Malkin, a fellow blogger (and I’m sure she does a lot of other things too), substituted for Mr. Hannity Friday night on Fox. You can check out video of the show right here.

Weekend at Hunter's

The Rocky Mountain News runs this story featuring Hunter Thompson’s widow, who states matter-of-factily that she sees nothing abnormal about her husband shooting himself through the mouth at their kitchen table, how brave an act it was, and how she always knew that he would “go before her.” I guess the fact that she is 32 and he was 67 might have made the latter inevitable. How sweet it must have been for her and her loved ones to be standing around the kitchen, toasting Hunter’s life while his still warm corpse was sitting right there with them. I wonder, did they prop him up so they could see if he was smiling? Oh, and I love this part:

Upon seeing Hunter Thompson’s body, she embraced him. “Since he’d done this, I did not want to make it difficult for his spirit,” she said. “I wanted to make it loving.”

And this gem:

“His face did look calm and peaceful. He looked content. Like he wanted it.”

OK, all together now… FREAK! Crazy whacked out FREAK! Make that FREAKS! Hunter was just as big a loon as she is. Are we suppose to applaud this woman for her bravery, her dedication to her husband or what? For the life of me, I don’t get this at all.

Update: Of course, suicide is always good for business.

Operation Tin Foil Hat – Mission One: Create Drama

Ever get the feeling that there are a couple of publicists working behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows, monitoring the level of “buzz” surrounding the Michael Jackson Case, whose sole responsibility is to drop bombshell stories into the laps of blood thirsty scandal starved main stream media journalists on a Friday afternoon?

#1 XXX Church

Uh, yeah. Makes me wonder who #2 is.

Is Everyone Home Now?

Wow, that took longer than I thought it would. I started the move of PunditGuy from TypePad to Movable Type yesterday afternoon, and slowly but surely, the Internet finally steered readers in the right direction. I saw quite a few of you at the old site, which came in handy as a temporary playpen. Sorry for the trouble. I hope you all like the new design. I’m tired of thinking about domain hosts, DNS, PINGS, CNAME, A and MX records. Phew.

Thanks for sticking with me. It’ll be good to get back to regular ‘ol bloggin.

Oh, and one more thing…if you discover a dead link, please let me know. While TP and MT are both designed by Six Apart, the export and import of blog data isn’t completely clean. I’ve already found some permalinks that were hosed. Hopefully, I caught ’em all.

New Blog Design

Welcome to the “new” blog site design. If you have been a regular visitor to this place, you’ll notice the change. Feel free to let me know what you think. The old site is still up here, if you’d like to reminisce.

If you haven’t visited before, then you have no idea what this is all about. If you fit that category, then welcome anyway, and nevermind about the other stuff.