Yes, that’s the year 1994. Why is that significant? Because that was the last year in which I had to dialup to the Internet. In the last half of 1994, I had 768 Kbps DSL installed in my home.

And I can hear you thinking — “So what?”

I’m connected to the Internet right now at a blistering 31.2 Kbps. Yeah, dialup.

It’s killing me. Like, there’s no oxygen in the room.

I’m at a time share resort and you’d think that all modern time share resorts would have WiFi by now right? Or at least a DSL connection in the room. Not this one. Nope. I’ve got a freakin phone line connected to my laptop. What’s worse is, the business across the street from here has WiFi. In fact, the WiFi is OPEN and not encrypted. I’ve spent the last 3 hours trying to hack my way in…to no avail.

His DHCP isn’t working correctly, so no IP address for me. No high speed internet for me.

Serves me right.

Have you ever tried to blog at 31.2 Kbps?

So here I sit. Remembering that godforsaken year, 1994.

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